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Aviva: using data to save customer’s time and money


If there’s one thing we’d all like a little more of, it’s time. Every day brings a different to-do list of time-consuming tasks, and when renewing your insurance is on that list, it’s a job that you want to do quickly, easily and correctly. That’s why we developed MyAviva, so we can use the information that you give us to save you time and money.

myaviva-iphone5-helloMyAviva is an online hub for existing customers. It’s where you’ll find all of your existing policy documents, so you can access them online whenever you need to. This saves you time sorting through folders full of paper documents when you need information quickly, particularly if you need to make a claim.

Once you have registered for MyAviva, it’s easier for you to come back and get a quote, because we already have the information you gave to us last time. So when you’re planning a holiday and you come to us for travel insurance, we already know your name, address and contact details — you don’t have to tell us twice. Because of the information we have, it’s a two minute job, giving you more time to spend on planning the fun parts of your holiday.

Even better, we know you’re already an Aviva customer, so we’ll give you a multi-product discount to say thank you for trusting us to take care of your ‘Plan B’ if things go wrong.

We securely store and use the data you’ve given us when taking out insurance to personalise offers and promotions for you

We securely store and use the data you’ve given us when taking out insurance to personalise offers and promotions for you. If we know you’ve got car insurance already, we’ll stop advertising it to you, because that’s taking up more of your time. We’re more likely to tell you about customer discounts on home or travel insurance, because that’s where you’ll benefit the most.

This is all part of our “Digital First” strategic anchor. We all like to be able to browse and shop wherever we are, at any time of day, and MyAviva allows you to do that. You can download the MyAviva app to your phone to access your policy documents and get quotes for different products, as well as accessing discounts and benefits exclusive to Aviva customers.

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