BNP Paribas: HELPING MAKE A WORLD WHERE A healthy workforce enables peak performance

In a world where a more sedentary lifestyle and everyday stress is increasingly taking its toll, it makes business sense to encourage employees to stay fit and well. 

What is BNP Paribas doing to help?

BNP Paribas_Claire Ryland cropped 400x400We make health and wellbeing a priority, providing proactive support and assistance to help people like Claire Ryland achieve lasting health benefits.

The Challenge

Absenteeism costs UK businesses more than £13bn every year and there is additional evidence that aspects of job performance such as energy, concentration, decision-making and resilience are demonstrably better if employees are both physically and psychologically healthy. In today’s world, employers that demonstrate they take employee wellbeing seriously are more likely to attract strong candidates, retain those employees for longer and help them be more productive and successful.

Our Partnership

BNP Paribas partners with Nuffield Health to encourage employee health and wellbeing through health screening which allows staff to assess and understand their fitness and medical condition. A proactive approach, where Nuffield Health rings employees to schedule appointments, has increased levels of take up to 80% of those eligible.

Importantly, the company goes a step further. Our on-site physiologist helps individuals who need additional support with diet, exercise and stress management, providing timely intervention to deliver real improvements. A wider engagement programme includes educational lectures and membership of the gym, conveniently located in the BNP Paribas office.

The Change

For the past two years, BNP Paribas has been ranked in the top three as having Britain’s healthiest employees and recently won the Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy. BNP Paribas_Grand-Prix-Winner-Employer

Britain's Healthiest Company_BNP Paribas





Employee engagement is key to tackling the silent killers in the workplace: stress, sedentary lifestyles and poor diets. We were thrilled to work with BNP Paribas in implementing an onsite physiologist and encouraged to see that employees who benefitted from the on-site assistance were more than three times more likely to improve their risk factor. With such positive results we are now looking to adopt this approach with other corporate partners.“
– Dr. Auldric Geoffrey Ratajczak, Deputy Medical Director, Wellbeing, Nuffield Health

My participation in the Wellbeing programme has completely changed my attitude to diet and fitness. The support of the nutritionist, regular visits with the on-site physiologist, and encouragement from the gym staff have helped me maintain progress and made a real difference to my lifestyle and sense of wellbeing. At a particularly difficult time I was given hints, tips and techniques to aid with stress management.“
– Claire Ryland, BNP Paribas

A Win-Win

Mutually beneficial business partnerships such as this are a powerful platform for driving change. BNP Paribas has profited from a healthier and more engaged workforce while Nuffield Health has seen its business grow by offering incremental services and adopting a more proactive approach.

This case study was originally published on the BNP Paribas website here.

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