Fujitsu: What should your business really value?

In challenging economic times, in a challenging sector, are values worth taking time from the senior leadership team, employees and stakeholders? Do values truly make a difference to the performance of a company? Or is this activity just an unnecessary distraction?

We believe our values do matter.

Fujitsu valuesAt Fujitsu, our business culture and values are truly shaping the vision and direction of the company. We have developed a 10 year view of our ambition in line with the values below, which define how we want to strive to be the best employer for our people, how to deliver great service for our customers, and how to continue with our responsible business accolade, whilst continuing to deliver great results.

We are doing a variety of things to implement these values and behaviours throughout the company, from conducting workshops to receive feedback from across our workforce to engaging employees with an innovative game to test their implementation and knowledge, and increasing the use of sharing portals. In addition, we have created visuals to showcase our values and behaviours and presented them around popular employee sites.

At Fujitsu we embed responsible business into all our activities, each contributing to the profitability and sustainability of our company, such as keeping our IT and internal operations green, collaborating with others and putting our people first. We were extremely proud to be named as ‘Responsible Business of the Year’ for 2015 by Business in the Community (BITC).

Our approach to responsible business focuses on the issues local to the UK and Ireland, whilst integrating the wider visions and values of the Fujitsu Group. We talk about the key issues, risks and potential impacts on society as five pillars;

  1. the environment
  2. community involvement and development
  3. diversity and inclusion
  4. wellbeing
  5. operating practices.

These five pillars have been defined by our stakeholders in order to work alongside our values.

As an organisation we feel incredibly passionate about responding to the unprecedented social and business risks caused by resource scarcity, population growth, an aging society and mass urbanisation. These megatrends are shaping the future of our planet, but we strongly believe technology holds the answers to these huge questions. Through a combination of our values and behaviours and responsible business practices, we believe we are one of the leaders of how business culture and values should be defined.


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