How Freeths are investing in future leaders of the business

Our objective at Freeths is to grow the business and hit the hundred million pounds turnover mark by 2020, as a national law firm that is entirely UK based. The reality is that the market place has changed for both legal services and for lawyers — as has the competition. It is no longer the practice of law, but the business of law. This, together with the continuous advancement in technology and increased customer expectations, has highlighted the need to do things differently. That’s why Freeths has developed a leadership initiative that aimed to embed a culture and attitude for growth throughout the firm. Our latest strategy to grow the business, develop leaders and offer more value for clients is called Initiate. 

At Freeths we understand that sustainable, profitable growth of the business can only be achieved if we have the right people and the right culture. We wanted to encourage a culture that emphasises delivering results, building trust and thinking differently. This needed to be done by building capability and leadership among our own people and attracting some of the best talent to our firm.

Freeths has developed a leadership initiative that aimed to embed a culture and attitude for growth throughout the firm…Initiate

What We Did

We are passionate about investing in our talent and nurturing the future leaders of the business. Initiate is a group of lawyers, who are not yet partners, whose specific objective is to develop personal and business relationships within the business community at an earlier strategic stage of the customer journey. This gives them the opportunity to engage and create strong relationships with their peers across a range of leading businesses, in their local and regional community with the aim of all growing together both individually and collectively. The programme is planned, organised and marketed, both internally and externally, entirely by the Initiate members themselves. Information, contacts and experience are exchanged in regular internal meetings.

 ‘‘The Initiate programme is a great opportunity for us to engage with peers, new business contacts and catch up on market knowledge whilst at the same time having some fun!’’ Tom Summers, Associate at RSM Corporate Finance LLP.

The Outcome

So far, Initiate has been going for 12 months in Nottingham and Manchester and we have held 12 forums and engaged with over 600 businesses. We’ve since been able to roll the programme out across all our offices. The lawyers involved have broader and better networks with clients and other professionals and are able to support other staff, who aren’t involved in the programme in developing their networks as well.

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