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At RSA, the international insurer, we recognise successful trusted companies are built by the talented people within them, which is why we maintain a constant focus on helping our employees achieve their career goals.

One of the ways we do this is through a programme called Fast Track, a one year development programme aimed at individuals in the company who are seen as future leaders. We interviewed Kwame Ofosu-Osei, Group Financial Control Manager, who took part in the programme in 2014 to find out more.

How did you get onto RSA’s Fast Track programme?

I originally assumed all new joiners were put on the programme and it was only after a few weeks in that I realised I’d specifically been put forward for it. I feel privileged that I was chosen and I guess I made a good first impression.

What did it entail?

Fast Track is a talent development programme whereby emerging talent from all the RSA businesses globally are put on a one year course. Throughout the year, everyone involved attends a series of lectures and workshops and each module centred on a different theme. For example, one was a mini MBA taught by Cambridge University lecturers, another focused on Innovation and a large portion was focused on developing our individual strengths and leadership style. 

What was the most valuable experience for you?

The people and networking opportunities. I made a number of long-lasting professional relationships in areas of the business I would not normally have come into contact with. But most importantly, the breadth of knowledge I was able to access expanded considerably. Following Fast Track, if there was an issue in another operation, country, or area outside of Finance, I was able to reach out to one of the Fast Track participants who were always happy to assist me. 

How has it helped support your career at RSA?

I have been to many career development workshops and lectures and Fast Track is probably one of the few I have attended that I was able to take away several insights to apply on a day-to-day basis that would enhance my performance. When I initially joined RSA, I was the Emerging Markets Assistant Financial Controller and I am now the Group Financial Control Leader, so the Fast Track programme has definitely made a difference and helped progress my career. 

For anyone about to start a career development programme, what advice would you give them?

Keep in touch with other people on the programme in-between each module and once it’s finished. As already mentioned, the expanded network of people in different countries and areas of the business will prove invaluable as you further your career. 

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