Zurich: Creating a supportive culture to enhance wellbeing at work

Georgina Farrell Zurich400x400At Zurich, we recognise that our people are a key part of our business; they deliver for our customers every day and this is why helping them to look after their wellbeing is one of our priorities.

The health and wellbeing of our employees is very important to us, and as a responsible employer we have a comprehensive UK Wellbeing programme in place which helps support the physical wellbeing and mental health needs of our people. We provide them with access to market leading specialist support such as Workplace Options, our employee assistance programme and Health Matters, our online health and wellbeing resource. We also offer workshops for managers, developed in conjunction with mental health charity MIND, to help improve awareness of mental wellbeing and understanding to ensure we treat employees as individuals and help us watch out for warning signs, as well as offering Resilience workshops for all employees.

Moreover, our employees benefit from flexible working patterns, including compressed hours, term time hours and job-shares enabling them to balance home and work life, which helps them achieve a successful work life balance and enhances their general wellbeing.

“We believe it’s important that we provide appropriate support to all our people whatever their circumstances and help people to fulfil their potential in the workplace”

We believe it’s important that we provide appropriate support to all our people whatever their circumstances and help people to fulfil their potential in the workplace. That includes supporting people during difficult times when they may be absent from work, providing access to rehabilitation services to help them return to the workplace.

As responsibility for financial wellbeing shifts from the state to the individual, Zurich’s recent study by economist Kyla Malcolm highlights the importance of income protection and rehabilitation, with benefits for employees, employers and the State valued at around £110m per year.*

We will continue to offer activities and implement initiatives to create an environment where employees are aware of their own health and wellbeing and that of others.

In 2015 we held our first UK-wide Wellbeing Week, raising awareness of our wellbeing offerings and encouraging employees to take time out of their working day to get involved in activities at no cost to them. We look forward to building on this success during Wellbeing Week 9–13 May 2016, with activities including a StepZ walking Challenge, fitness training sessions and personal health checks.

We’re proudly supported by a network of Wellbeing Champions and will continue to build on initiatives such as Wellbeing Week, helping people engage in wellbeing throughout the year and promoting it as a way of life.



* News release: 17 December: Zurich study values income protection rehabilitation at £110m per year


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