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Blog: From street to boardroom – we want to hear from you!

BP_AlexvB_FINALHow do you get our nine foot high Great Business Debate magnetic message wall into the eight foot CBI lift?

Answer – with difficulty.

And, because it’s too big for a taxi, taking it for an outing can be hard work too. But it does give our Comms. Manager the chance to use a favourite joke with every passer-by who gets near enough to hear him say, “We’re off to a board meeting!”

Out and about

This week, in the build up to our Great Business Debate event, Can Consumers Trust Business? being held with Which? we went out to ask people what they, as customers, think businesses need to do to increase levels of trust.

Their comments, on our board and on camera, included:

  • Respond to questions when there’s a problem.
  • I try to deal with businesses that I trust, that I’ve had a good experience of before.
  • Pursue positive values ahead of profit.
  • I want basic honesty and transparency.

Questions and points are continuing to come in and we’ll be airing more of them on this site as we build up to the event. Why not add your view in the comment section below?

Looking back

Back at Great Business Debate HQ it’s been great to see so many people getting involved with the campaign since we launched last year.

You might think that the business community’s enthusiasm for the campaign is no surprise – and talking to them about the state of trust in business is really shaping what we’re doing.

But organisations like Which?, Mumsnet, the Prince’s Trust, Green Alliance and others – representing groups with all sorts of different constituencies and relationships to business — are involved too.

I’ve been particularly taken by some of the challenges being made to business by people like Cardinal Vincent Nichols. And personal stories from business leaders, including Jan Gooding of Stonewall and Aviva who wrote for us about business and LGBT equality.

Everyone we’ve spoken to agrees that trust in business matters. As one of the people we asked when out and about this week said, “I don’t deal with businesses I don’t trust.”

And we want to hear from you as well. So why not lend your voice to the debate if you haven’t done so already? Let us know what you think business needs to do to build trust below or on twitter @bizdebate.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Alex van Besouw is Campaign Manager for The Great Business Debate

GBD message board in lift 3 Feb 2015

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