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can consumers trust business? debate questions are coming in

steph_mcgovern_400x400The Great Business Debate, is encouraging business people to address difficult issues head on. Those issues include, how companies treat their customers, and what that does to wider trust in business.

And there’s just a week now until our event with Which? Can consumers trust business? chaired by TV business presenter Stephanie McGovern.

On Wednesday 25 February our panelDavid Bird (Customer Operations Director, E.ON), Katja Hall (CBI Deputy Director-General), Richard Lloyd (Executive Director, Which?) and Andrew Miller (Guardian Media Group Chief Executive) will be answering questions asked by customers on social media, in the room and on video.

Have a look here to see what people are asking so far:

On the Great Business Debate message wall:

  • Will your company be honest and not make misleading claims?
  • Customers have to pay their taxes, why don’t companies do the same?

GBD pay your taxes message board and hand 800X400Feb 2015









From our filming:

  • Why don’t companies accept lower profits so they can reduce prices to customers?

On the Which? Conversation website:

  • It was courageous of the CBI to embark on this issue of trust in our businesses. It is at the root of the relationship between people – whether as customers, employees, suppliers, investors or commentators and external parties – and commercial organisations, and at the moment the foundations of that relationship are not exactly rock-solid.
  • I’d like to know why businesses are not being more vocal about bad practices in their sector of the economy. Whenever you hear about tax evasion, product misselling or terrible customer service it’s always politicians or consumer groups doing the hard work.
  • Will you promise not to take advantage of having my contact details and other information for marketing purposes, even marketing within your company?

Let us have your questions and join the wider debate here and on twitter @bizdebate

Please also cast your vote in our poll - As a consumer, what is most important in influencing your trust in a business?

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