Event: does big business benefit at the expense of small business? (2 July 2015)


On 2 July we are bringing together a panel of exciting speakers to explore the relationship between companies of all sizes, debating topical issues such as competition, investment in supply chains and prompt payment. The event will take place on Thursday 2nd July between 08:30am — 10.30am.

The panel will feature:

  • Mike Cherry, Policy Chairman, FSB
  • John Cridland, Director-General, CBI
  • Lesley Smith, Director – Public Policy, UK & Ireland, Amazon
  • Julianne Ponan, CEO, Creative Nature

It will be chaired by television business journalist Maxine Mawhinney

 Mike Cherry close-800 700Cridland 800 X 700Julianne Ponan 800 700 Lesley Smith, AmazonMaxine Mawhinney photo




The panel will explore the relationship between big and small companies, delving into issues such as competition and late payment. The audience will be able to participate in a Q&A session afterwards.

Following online

We will be using the hashtag #bizdebate for the event and on the day you can follow the action via a live-update page.

After the event we will upload and share audio recordings of the discussion.

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