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Local impact spotlight

How is business contributing to local prosperity? Is it doing enough to support local schools or build local infrastructure?

The impact that business has on its local communities is as important as ever. Following the referendum, we’ve heard from businesses up and down the country have asked what the outcome means for how they connect with communities up and down the country.

This week and next, we’re encouraging a constructive conversation about the impact that business has on local communities. In the spirit of the debate, we’ll be publishing new case studies and opinion pieces from key stakeholders and businesses to try to answer some of these questions.

Get involved

Check out case studies and opinion pieces on the homepage as well as our factsheets and analysis on local attitudes towards business. Have your say by voting in our latest poll, or tweet us @bizdebate or use the comments below to share your views.

 A new CBI report published last week, Unlocking Regional Growth, identified how unlocking higher regional productivity could add £208bn to the UK economy over the next decade. At a time of real concern about living standards and wages, CBI believes this should be a major part of the drive to tackle inequality. While some parts of the UK have seen world-class productivity gains, too many cities, towns and regions have been left behind, limiting opportunities for millions of families across the country. The CBI’s new project identified educational attainment and training, transport links, management practices and firms than innovate and export as key drivers of regional productivity differences across the UK.

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