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More women in work than ever before

In the media today, are HM Treasury statistics showing that there are record numbers of women in the British workforce, and suggesting that further progress has been made on gender diversity in the workplace.

Most of this increase has been in full time posts. In traditionally male-dominated sectors like manufacturing and construction, the numbers of women working increased faster than the number of men.

Removing barriers to women’s participation in the workforce is an important equality issue. But it’s also imperative for commercial success.

Business does better when it can draw on a range of skills and talent available – regardless of gender, ethnicity, experience and background – and firms have shown they are up for the challenge when it comes to gender diversity.

Key facts
  • 14.4m women in the workforce
  • 67% of working age women have jobs – 4% more than in the US and 6% more than in France
  • 771,000 rise in the number of women at work since 2010

Most agree that there is still more to do – we would need 450,000 more women in to stand on equal footing with Germany and across all employment, men still earn 19.7% more than women on average.

As part of the government’s plans to help, the Chancellor announced today that the government would spend an extra £2m a year to help support individuals and companies to pay for childcare.

Through The Great Business Debate we are looking for your views on what business does well and where it could do more.

So what do you think? Where has progress been made, and what more can businesses do to encourage more women into work? Share your views @bizdebate

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