the role of business in pride 2015 — a response to Owen Jones

Rainbow flags flew high last weekend as a million people went out to celebrate Pride in London. Numerous organisations participated in the day, including many businesses that wanted to share in the pride and progress the country has made in pushing for diversity and #LGBT rights. Political commentator Owen Jones, however, was less positive about the contribution of business at the event, producing a short vid on the day. The #bizdebate team couldn’t miss the chance to respond to his video and share some of our own quick thoughts on the contribution of business to diversity!

Would Owen Jones rather companies were absent from Pride? Would he rather they rejected the aims behind it?

Let’s be clear, business support for Pride is about more than just looking good! More and more employers recognise there’s a strong business case for inclusion.

If people are able to be themselves and happy at work it’s good for them and for the business too. In a globally competitive world, businesses succeed best when they welcome people the widest possible pool of skills and talent.

And evidence suggests that diverse groups provide a more rigorous, challenging framework for critical decision making in business. Companies in the UK have shown that they are willing to embrace change. Standing up publicly and saying, “We are one of those companies.” Is part of driving the diversity agenda on.

But some businesses are at the beginning of that journey. We should be encouraging more companies to get involved, not criticising those that already are.

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