Spotlight: culture and values in business

Can businesses be responsible and profitable at the same time? Do businesses only think in the short term? Are society’s expectations of businesses changing? The Great Business Debate will be exploring these themes as part of our culture and values spotlight.

Follow the discussion this week and next, keep up-to-date with the hashtag #bizdebate, and check in each morning for new articles and case studies from businesses across the country.


Week 1

What is corporate culture and why does it matter? Check out what the CBI has to say

Stephen Haddril at FRC discusses the importance of getting culture right

Greg B Davies at Barclays discusses the latest research on short-termism

Tom Levitt explains why not all CSR is perceived to be good

And more to come!


Register here for our live webcast on the 9th December at 9am and hear what senior leaders from organisations across the UK have to say about responsible business and culture and values.

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