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Spotlight: Financial Services and Consumers

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What can the financial sector do to deliver a better deal for consumers? Are finance providers doing enough to make life easier for the consumer? Do finance providers deliver for the most vulnerable in society?

These are just some of the questions that we will be exploring in our latest #bizdebate spotlight with will have contributions from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Western Union, Barclays, TSB and many more.

Be sure to follow the dicsussion throughout the week on Twitter with the hashtag #bizdebate and check in each morning for new articles and case studies (below) from businesses across the country.

5 ways finance firms are changing to help consumers, Emma Wright, CBI

What can the retail banking sector do to deliver a better deal for consumers? Paul Pester, TSB Bank


Making more of customer’s credit history work for them, Experian


Is technology banking’s big opportunity? Matt Hammerstein, Barclays 


Case Study: Delivering for the most vulnerable, Zurich

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