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The Great Business Debate hits Conservative Party Conference

This past week The Great Business Debate has been at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham taking the opportunity to engage with delegates and hear their views on business.

Our stand featured a comment wall where people were able to provide an answer to the question of the day. These were:

  1. What should the purpose of business be?
  2. What can business do better to serve its customers?
  3. How can business best support the next generation into work?
  4. How can business make sure the growing economy benefits everyone?

Pictures of all the comments we collected from delegates can be seen on our Flickr page here.

Many Conservative Party representatives also dropped in to hear about the campaign and add their thoughts to the wall. This included Iain Duncan-Smith, Sajid Javid, Baroness Stowell, Michael Fallon, Eric Pickles and Philip Hammond.

Away from our stand, tax was a much-discussed business issue throughout conference speeches and fringe events. Please see our write-up here for more details.

We were at Labour last week and we’ll be in Glasgow for the Liberal Democrat conference starting this weekend. Please drop in on us if you are going to be there!

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