The Great Business Debate is one year old!


The CBI has an ambitious long-term goal – improving public confidence in business. With only 53% of people thinking that business makes a positive contribution to society there is still a lot that needs to be done. Delivering lasting change will not happen overnight, and involve the efforts of the whole business community working in step with each other.

But in the short time since the campaign launched the CBI is starting to make its mark on the responsible business agenda thanks to the enthusiasm of member companies, and the many stakeholder organisations we’ve been working with including Business in the Community, Which? and Mumsnet.

Since September 2014 our focus has been on developing the campaign infrastructure, developing a community of supporters and building a profile for the campaign. 2016 will see the campaign be more ambitious, reach new audiences and engage the issues at hand in exciting and new ways.

Thank you for everything you have contributed to get us to this point. I hope you’re as enthusiastic as we are about what lies ahead!

Some blogs we really liked

OP_Justine_800x400 Are businesses responding to changing expectations of working life?

Archbishop of York Dr John SentamuProfit is okay but human well-being should come first, says the Archbishop of York. And how could you disagree? 

OP_Tony Cocker EON_800x400How can energy companies rebuild trust with customers? asks Tony Cocker, CEO of E.ON

OP_AVIVA-Jan-Gooding-GD7A5834-(4)_800-x-400Jan Gooding asks ‘What more should business do to support LGBT?’

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