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What’s the customers debate all about?

Business competes to deliver products and services. This appetite to succeed is at the heart of improving the choice and quality of products we get and helps drive the invention and spread of new technologies that make our lives better.

  • Consumer choice
  • Customer service
  • Transparency

But the UK is still emerging from the longest recorded squeeze on living standards and the profits that firms make are very much under the spotlight, with many questioning whether business is delivering value for money. This is particularly when it comes to the services we use and rely on every day from banking to energy, broadband to retail, as well as companies who deliver public services.

Some people are also asking whether business really does deliver for them, particularly in light of industry scandals. Not all areas of business are meeting expectations – from poor customer service to lack of transparency, limited choice available, to how personal data is used. Many people are asking, do businesses put profits before customers and can they be trusted to deliver what they promise?


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