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What’s the jobs debate all about?

Business is about people. In every corner of Britain, companies of all shapes and sizes create and support jobs – putting money in our pockets to save or spend. Since the end of the recession, the private sector has led strong growth in the number of people employed across the country, with unemployment now at a five year low.

  • Creating jobs
  • Pay and progression
  • Working life

Successful businesses create more profits, giving them money to grow, take on full time staff and apprentices, as well as invest in training, pensions, reward and progression. But attitudes towards working life are changing – is business doing enough to ensure that employees are happy and healthy and that workplaces are dynamic and inclusive?

And, as the UK emerges from the longest recorded squeeze on living standards, some people are getting left behind, particularly young people, those without skills, women and those from black and ethnic minorities. So, what more can business do to make sure that everyone shares in the economic recovery? 


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