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what’s the great business debate #betteroffbritain spotlight all about?

Through the Great Business Debate we want to address the issues that impact on the public’s confidence in business and encourage discussion around them.

There are concerns few more topical than living standards and the role that business has to play in improving them through work. The economy is growing again, but many are asking why this growth hasn’t yet led to the pay rises that will leave many better off and end the strain on household budgets. Business has an important role to play in helping to tackle these problems: it’s the right thing to do and it’s in the interests of business to do so.

Following on from the launch of A better off Britain, the CBI’s business blueprint for an economy where growth benefits everyone, we will be focusing on these issues for the coming weeks. On this site we will be highlighting the best of what works and talking about what more businesses can do to create the jobs and wages that will help everyone benefit from growth.

Here are some introductory materials to get you thinking:

So what’s your opinion? Can people get in and get on in work? What is the role of business in helping people improve their living standards through work? Are they doing enough?

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