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What’s the society debate all about?

Business is a force for good in society. Across the UK and around the world, business is making a difference by just by doing what it does best – as the driving force behind local economies, investing in local jobs and infrastructure and paying the taxes that help fund local services. The history of business is a rich part of the story and identity of communities and the people that live in them.

  • Local impact
  • Responsible business
  • Environment

Many companies already go further than this, but increasingly, people are questioning whether business has an even broader responsibility towards society. More people are asking for businesses to step up and take an even greater lead in helping tackle major social and environmental challenges than they do at present.

And as the world becomes evermore interconnected, there’s no doubt that business has the scale, resource and expertise to be able to make a real difference to challenges facing the planet, like climate change. So, what is a business for, and how can companies rise to this challenge? 

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