How is rail helping to drive a bright economic future for the North?

Every weekday our 2550 services take people to work and play. Like other transport companies, Northern Rail is clearly a critical part of the daily heartbeat of the region.

The railway comes in for its fair share of criticism, and it’s true that in the past it may have been slow to respond to the needs of customers but that is changing. Rail and other forms of transport are critical to driving the bright economic future of the North.

Our railways are undergoing investment not seen since Victorian times. These projects will bring more capacity, improve transport connectivity and transform the network we have today. These aren’t vanity projects but a result of businesses and authorities across the region working with transport operators and local government to lobby for a better deal for customers.

“The future is bright and our vision of delivering a railway the North can be proud of is getting closer to reality”

And it’s this partnership that has been key to success. The electrification of railway lines in the North West is already delivering longer trains, improvements to the infrastructure will help deliver faster journeys and more frequent services giving customers more options to get where they need to go. They will also help influence other companies considering where to locate their businesses, being able to offer good connectivity for employees, suppliers and customers.

The success of this approach is also clear in the documents the government issued to bidders for the next rail franchises in the North. Thanks to the input from businesses and authorities across the region into the next northern rail franchise specification, the next franchise owner will be delivering more trains and new trains and transforming stations. The next franchise will also be able to invest more in its support for community organisations that maximise the economic and social benefits of their local railway.

The future is bright and our vision of delivering a railway the North can be proud of is getting closer to reality.

Northern Rail is one of the largest train operating companies in the UK. Our network covers the north of England serving a population of 15 million people.

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