Is business doing enough to create diverse and inclusive cultures?

Diversity is just one of a cherished suite of values that Adnams maintains at the core of our multi-faceted business.

For Adnams, diversity means making the most of, and celebrating, the unique talents of individuals, regardless of race, age, gender or any other perceived differentiating factor.

Having, and encouraging, a diverse workforce is part of our company culture. We celebrate diversity just as we expect all our employees to take pride and responsibility in all that they do. A successful business owes much to the innovation, creativity and passion of staff to do the right thing and to make a real difference.

To celebrate diversity is to celebrate the richness of human talent. Not everyone has the same personality, or the same set of talents, but identifying then nurturing and encouraging those particular talents will bring not only personal fulfilment to the employee, but provide the business with a valuable and loyal member of staff who will help contribute to a thriving, innovative and profitable company.

We are proud to have a role model for championing diversity and recognising talent here at Adnams in the form of our Operating Director, Karen Hester. Karen began her career here at Adnams as an office cleaner. Through sheer grit, determination and a drive to succeed, Karen now heads up a team of over 300 staff and has been instrumental in supporting female talent.

Our Board is comprised of 30% female talent and our senior management team is currently comprised of a 50/50 gender split, which is remarkable in an industry (brewing and distilling) that is traditionally seen as being male dominated.

I believe that if talent in individuals isn’t recognised, encouraged and rewarded, then employees soon become frustrated and unengaged. At Adnams we want every employee to be a brand ambassador, so it’s important for us that we ensure that we have the right people in the right roles.

People can learn skills, but it’s very hard to change attitudes – a strong company culture not only helps us select the candidates with the best fit, but it also allows us to encourage these people to grow as individuals.

A diverse and fulfilled workforce can do great things for an innovative business, which is why diversity remains a key value for Adnams.

Andy Wood is the Chief Executive of Adnams, which he joined in 1994. Andy also holds non-executive positions and has co-authored a book on Lean and Green Business Systems. He was awarded an OBE in 2013 and is an Ambassador for Business in the Community.

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