The Great Business Debate is a CBI led campaign to help build public confidence in business.

Only around half of people believe business makes a positive contribution to society and we want to play a part in increasing that figure. We will do this by:

  • Setting out the facts and combatting myths about what business does and the contribution it makes
  • Encouraging people to give us their views on business and where it needs to do more
  • Providing an opportunity for business to take part in a constructive conversation about what it does and how it does it

In the spirit of the campaign this website hosts opinions provided by a number of individuals and organisations as well as those written by members of The Great Business Debate team. Opinions expressed by those individuals or organisations are entirely their own, and publication on this website doesn’t always equal agreement!

Please see the information booklet for more details. You can also watch our video:


Frequently asked questions

How can I get involved?

Through this website you can access opinion pieces, factsheets and case studies. All content can be shared through social media and you are encouraged to comment and have your say using the hastag #bizdebate. Please follow us on Twitter @bizdebate.

What are you trying to achieve?

We want to build public confidence in business. Through a survey with YouGov, we found that only around 50% of the public thinks the business makes a positive contribution to society — we want to play a part in increasing that figure.

What are your ties to the CBI?

We are a CBI led campaign – the CBI is the leading business lobby group in the UK speaking for 190,000 businesses. The Great Business Debate is run on a day-to-day basis by a team of CBI employees. You can visit the CBI website for more information.

Do you support any political party?

No, we are apolitical and don’t endorse any individual party.

What is your social media & commenting policy?

We welcome a range of views and perspectives but we won’t engage with anyone who is:

  • Offensive, abusive or portraying extreme views
  • Overly critical of specific individuals or organisations
  • Presenting content as an advert, an overt sales or marketing message for their organisation

How can I get in touch with you?

Fill out our contact form, or you can tweet us @bizdebate.