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THIS WEEK, LAST WEEK: the debate’s latest highlights

Highlights of the last, and next, seven days in the CBI’s trust-in-business campaign The Great Business Debate - as we examine the culture of businesses and their leaders.

1  99.9% of UK companies are SMEs — Hewlett-Packard
2  How can businesses link profitability to public good? — UPP
3  Emotional Intelligence is vital - Medicash


This Week look out for:

OP_HP_Susan-Bowen2 800x400

Susan Bowen, Chief of Staff at Hewlett-Packard on why we need “An eco-system of large corporates and Small & Medium-sized Enterprises.” (SMEs)

For The Great Business Debate, she writes:

We believe that larger companies need to be more structured in their interactions with SME partners rather than just managing each as a single transaction.”

Read her article in full later this week.

Also this week: How can businesses link profitability to public good?

Sean O’Shea, CEO of UPP, developers and designers of student accommodation and academic facilities, says public-private partnerships are the future of responsible business.

Approximately a quarter of current university infrastructure – buildings, lecture theatres, student unions and halls of residence – are in need of complete refurbishment or replacement.”

Our series of short interviews with business leaders on the culture and values that drive them and their businesses continues.
OP_Medicash Sue-Weir-(Main)800x400


Last week you may have missed: Sue Weir, CEO of health insurers Medicash Healthcare Benefits on what she regards as the most important attribute of a business leader?

Emotional intelligence is vital. You need to have an appreciation of what your customers and staff are thinking and how your way of operating makes them feel.”

Read her five minute interview in full here

And our interviewees this week include Anand Assi, Project Director of The Pall-Ex Group: The palletised freight distribution network founded in the UK by Hilary Devey.

Among the questions we ask him is: What is your guiding principle? He tells us,

I follow the African proverb ‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together’. Team work and collaboration of staff are key to the success of any business.”