Barclays: Bolder Apprenticeship programme

Barclays recognise that apprenticeships are a viable route into employment for everybody and age or social circumstances shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The Barclays Bolder Apprenticeship programme is designed to extend opportunities for apprenticeships across Barclays, specifically providing support for adults over the age of 24 wishing to get back into the workplace. We believe anybody can reskill, and you can be an apprentice at any age.


Once out of work, older workers face a much tougher task to find the opportunities to get back into full employment again. We believe that age or social circumstances shouldn’t be a barrier or deciding factor in finding a viable route to employment. Reskilling can be achieved at any age.

We believe anybody can reskill, and you can be an apprentice at any age

Barclays has launched the Bolder Apprenticeship programme to demonstrate our commitment to creating career opportunities regardless of age. From today, we want to start a conversation with other businesses to increase collaboration, regardless of sector or industry, to address how we can maximise the valuable contribution older workers make.

Lucille Galloway, 51 is a Bolder Apprenticeship graduate and is a Community Banker at the Barclays Ealing Broadway Branch. Prior to taking up the scheme, Lucille had held a number of job roles, from working in admin to advising adult students.

She already had a diverse skills set, having been a classroom learning support assistant, a nanny, a housekeeper and even secretary to a conservative member of parliament. However, she had been out of work for two years before discovering the apprenticeships that Barclays offer – and she credits them as giving her the new lease of life that she needed at the time.

Lucille Galloway, 51

Taking on an apprenticeship role at Barclays has been an amazing, life changing experience. It has really given me a new lease of life and has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what is out there”.

“I’ve learnt so much and feel like I’m continuing to gain new skills every day”

I’ve learnt so much and feel like I’m continuing to gain new skills every day. Before I joined Barclays, I’d held a variety of job roles, such as a learning support assistant, a housekeeper and a carer, but had been out of work for two years. Taking on an apprenticeship has completely changed my view of them and I often find myself re-educating people on what they’re all about!”

I’d definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take up an apprenticeship to go for it, particularly someone of my age who may be struggling to get back into a career or who is looking for a new challenge. It will be one of the best things they’ve ever done.”

Taking up an apprenticeship later on in life was a great opportunity for Lucille, and was made possible by the Barclays Bolder Apprenticeship programme. She now occupies a full-time role at a Barclays branch and is a big advocate for apprenticeships; she can often be found educating anyone that will listen about the benefits of becoming an apprentice!

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