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Case study: Employee health and wellness at Kirby Group

Traditionally employee wellness programmes have been considered a nice extra but not necessarily of strategic importance. But new evidence tells us that companies who invest in employee wellness programmes reap the rewards in the form of lower absenteeism, reduced health care costs, greater productivity, and higher morale. In essence, Kirby believes that a happy and healthy employee will stay with us.

“Motivated and engaged employees are better able to deliver for our customers”

Kirby is a leading provider of high-value, multi-disciplinary engineering services, employing over 600 staff throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. We actively promote further professional development and training, and encourage progression within the company through internal promotions. We also invest heavily in educational support.

Kirby has successfully retained its’ ‘family feel’ throughout its ongoing period of growth and as a result has cultivated an ethos of loyalty and commitment among its employees. Our focus is to create an environment where growth is a key part of wellness.

Kirby believes in the importance of getting the work/life balance right. We understand that to retain the highest calibre of staff, we must demonstrate our commitment to good workplace practices. Motivated and engaged employees are better able to deliver for our customers. This has greatly contributed to our overall success and reputation.

Kirby Photo 400x200Kirby continues to make every effort to promote this balance across all our staff by promoting dedicated employee wellness programmes like free onsite health checks, encouraging fitness breaks, healthy eating and sponsoring personal sporting activities. Our aim is to make a culture of health part of working at Kirby and to make sure each of our employees maintains and enjoys a good work-life balance.

At the core of our business is our number one priority of providing a safe and healthy workplace that enhances our people’s welfare. For Kirby, the concept of employee wellness is twofold; we are not only concerned about the health of our employees from a wellness point of view, we are also concerned about their safety.

Given the industry we operate in – engineering — fitness for work is of particular importance to Kirby. As industry leaders in Health & Safety, we ensure the health and safety of our employees on site at all times. We also have proactive dignity at work and anti-bullying and harassment policies and procedures to ensure that unacceptable behaviours, like bullying, which are proven to damage health and performance, are prevented or dealt with promptly and positively.

“At the core of our business is our number one priority of providing a safe and healthy workplace that enhances our people’s welfare”

At the centre of our wellness programme is a fully confidential externally provided Employee Assistance Programme. This programme provides our employees with 24-hour access to free and confidential counselling support on personal matters unrelated to work. Kirby recognises the many difficulties our employees face at a personal and family level and we understand providing an Employee Assistance Programme helps address these issues and reduces stress and health challenges.

Kirby’s employee wellness programme aims to instil behaviours that will reduce health risks, improve quality of life and at the same time benefit the company’s performance by improving engagement and increasing productivity.

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