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How can business help to increase social mobility?

What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I always enjoy the range of replies I get to this question whenever I visit schools to talk about Deloitte. What I like most, though, is the imagination and the belief of the young people that they can be whatever they want to be. Their enthusiasm is uplifting. And that is why I am so proud of Deloitte’s contribution and dedication to greater social mobility. Through our range of initiatives we provide opportunities and prospects for young people from across all backgrounds, helping ensure they can realise their future potential.

“Our programme is a pioneering step in our relationship with Teach First that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get into professional employment.”

In 2014, we launched a new skills and education programme with Teach First, with the aim of raising the achievement, access and aspirations of young people in low-income communities. Called ‘Deloitte Access’, the programme is a pioneering step in our relationship with Teach First that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get into professional employment. We are working with 13 Teach First schools across England, supporting young people in developing enterprise and leadership skills and raising their aspirations and employability. In the first year of the programme over 600 Deloitte volunteers have supported over 2500 young people.

We have also expanded our relationship with Teach First through our support for the award-winning ‘Futures’ programme. Futures pairs talented ‘A’ level students from low-income backgrounds with a mentor, giving them the opportunity to participate in university visits, including a residential Easter School at the University of Cambridge.

As strong advocates of getting a wider range of people from different backgrounds into the accountancy profession, we have also signed up to a new cross-profession initiative called ‘Access to Accountancy’. The initiative sets key targets for professional service firms to broaden the diversity of young people coming into the profession.

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David Sproul is the Senior Partner and CEO of Deloitte UK, a leading professional services firm that prides itself on bringing confidence and transparency to the critical decisions of the nation’s business leaders. With over 14,000 staff across 23 offices, Deloitte UK offers a significant breadth of experience and values that contribute to the success of clients, the economy and to a prosperous society.

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