Sustainability – The Global Environmental Imperative

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The direct correlation between burning fossil fuels, CO2 / greenhouse gases and global warming is irrefutable; the science is stark and the need pressing. As the world’s energy demands continue to grow, a global transition from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy source is required.

Betteshanger Sustainable Parks is a direct result of this Global Environmental Imperative and the end of the British coal mining industry. A unique and ambitious project, led by the Hadlow Group, Betteshanger is a series of exemplary environmentally sustainable projects being built on the 121 hectare site of the former Betteshanger colliery in East Kent. The scheme combines sustainable business and commerce, education, sustainable energy and tourism. Betteshanger is a flagship sustainability project and a national exemplar in Green Energy Technology.

“Betteshanger will create a new economic identity for East Kent against a backdrop of substantial deprivation.”

One of the largest brownfield sites in Kent, Betteshanger has stood derelict since the closure of the colliery in 1989. Once a thriving coal mine providing thousands of jobs, Betteshanger was the last mine in Kent to close. Betteshanger Sustainable Parks will create a new economic identity and profile for East Kent against a backdrop of substantial deprivation. It will create opportunity and a new sense of aspiration, bringing inward investment and much needed jobs. Betteshanger will be the first UK destination to connect our energy heritage and the new energies of the future.

Betteshanger has been designed to provide integrated sustainable green living and working conditions for individuals, companies and communities. It will:

  • Demonstrate real life solutions for lifestyle transformation through green technology
  • Promote sustainable lifestyle choices, focussing on the links between food, health and wellbeing and their relationship to land management conservation and use
  • Provide a landmark regional and national example of mining heritage and future energy provision in an acclaimed eco-tourism destination
  • Promote measurable and effective sustainable construction
  • Inspire a new sense of place and civic pride, community involvement, economic innovation, enterprise and investment.

The first phase of the development, the new Betteshanger Visitor Centre, will launch in spring 2017. The passive design, state-of-the-art facility will be an architectural icon, BREEAM Outstanding and boasting one of the UK’s lowest EPC ratings. Betteshanger will be one of the first buildings nationally to achieve the WELL building standard; not only a sustainable building, but a building which supports the health and wellbeing of its users.

“Betteshanger Sustainable Parks is the flagship sustainability project within the Hadlow Group and one of the UK’s leading sustainable developments.”

Betteshanger Sustainable Parks is the flagship sustainability project within the Hadlow Group and one of the UK’s leading sustainable developments. This marks the start of the process of regeneration and renewal of this site; regeneration underpinned by sustainable development and renewable technology.

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