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Factsheet: Paying tax

Business pays its way in tax, making a major contribution to supporting our society. But there is a loud debate underway about how business manages its tax affairs and whether they are making the ‘right’ contribution.

  • £185bn taxes paid by business in the UK – 30% of total government tax revenues
  • £34bn ‘tax gap’ between taxes the government thinks should be collected and the total amount actually collected
  • £3.17 paid by business in other taxes for every £1 of corporation tax
  • £302bn in taxes collected for government by business 2015/16
  • 73% of 100 Group finance directors agree that multinationals should be more open about tax
  • 75% of 100 Group finance directors agree that the CBI’s Statement of Tax Principles will help lead to more trust in business

Click the download button to read our Paying Taxes factsheet and find out what the tax debate is all about. 

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