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Calling on Business to increase engagement with schools — Katja Hall

Through The Great Business Debate we are exploring the value of business to the UK and an important element of this is engagement with young people and the education system. Today at the CBI’s Education Conference, Katja Hall, Deputy director-general of the CBI, emphasised the value of the contribution that businesses make in educating young people whilst calling for increased school engagement. She said:

Businesses support schools and colleges in many different ways; setting up UTCs and sponsoring academies; helping in the design and delivery of the national curriculum; encouraging staff to serve as school and college governors; and providing work experience and work inspiration to young people right across the UK.

But business can always do more.

We know that the more interactions young people have with workplace, the better they are prepared for life outside school and college.

So today we’re calling on all business to increase their engagement with schools. There is no more important determinant of our long-term growth, and we should start acting like this matters as much as it does.”

For more details, please see here and let us know what you think on social media using #bizdebate.


Links to organisations that businesses can get involved with to support schools:

Speakers for Schools

Inspiring Governors

Business In the Community

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