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cbi Northern Ireland: Women in leadership debate public confidence

CBI Northern Ireland brought 40 female executives together yesterday as part of The Great Business Debate.

Part of the CBI’s Women in Leadership series and sponsored by Deloitte, the debate focused on the role of business leaders, their responsibilities towards communities and some of the specific problems faced by business leaders in Northern Ireland.

A key theme of the discussion was how important it was to communicate the positive stories through employees and customers. Another was that business leaders have a big responsibility towards the next generation and making sure that they aren’t ‘switched off’ to business.

The event chair, Jackie Henry (Senior Partner, Deloitte), said:

One of the biggest concerns that businesses talk to me about is the lack of public confidence in what they do. Even with the economy fizzing with vitality, many people do not believe that business is a force for good. Businesses simply can’t operate without their employees and consumers, and part of securing long-term sustainable growth will be about rebuilding public trust in business”

Check out our flickr page to see photos of the event and share your views by adding comments below or on social media @bizdebate.

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