Does employee volunteering make a difference?

Many forms of volunteering have benefits for businesses, their employees and the organisations they work with. Voluntary work can help individuals develop new skills and improve employee engagement, as well as demonstrate a firm’s commitment to the communities in which it is based. Businesses in London have donated over 6 billion in cash to charities, and 3 million employees are given paid time off to volunteer each year, but does employee volunteering make a difference?

June 1–12 marks Volunteers’ Week and the Great Business Debate is celebrating by sharing opinion articles and case studies from organisations across the UK.

You’ll hear from NCVO, Accenture, Step up to Serve, and many more over the coming days. Stay tuned!

Keen to give give something back, learn a new skill, or support an important cause but don’t know how to best volunteer your time? Take our…

What is Your Volunteer Personality? Quiz

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  1. ABetterBritain -

    Volunteering is a critical component of our society however the use of internships by various public and private sector organisations is an abuse of that spirit. Many organisations are currently abusing many young people, providing them with internships dressed up as “career opportunites”, simply to gain access to a willing extra low-cost labour resource. They have no intention of providing them with a job on any terms let alone a career. Even the National Trust has become embroiled in such a scandal. I will be cancelling my membership if the National Trust CEO does not address this issue during this Volunteers’ Week. I urge you to do the same.