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Spotlight: What have investors ever done for us?

The asset management industry look after the investments of companies and individuals and is an important part of the economy in the UK, creating wealth and value for people and companies.

But the industry isn’t always that visible to consumers — that’s why this week we’re asking, ‘What have investors ever done for us?’ to encourage people to find out more about the role of this important industry.

From growing our pension pots to funding big infrastructure projects, we’ve got some great case studies coming this week that showcase some of the value that asset managers create for our economy and our society.

Check out great content from Aviva, Schroders, BlackRock and more:

  • Why do ESG factors matter to asset managers? Eugenia Unanyants-Jackson, Head of ESG Research at Allianz Global Investors explains here.
  • Schroders explains how responsible investing can deliver better outcomes for investors and society
  • Ever wondered what happens to people’s money once they invest? Check out this piece from Gordon Mead, Aviva
  • What can government and industry do to help people saving for retirement? BlackRock explore.
  • Mark Zinkula, Legal and General talks about how asset management drives productivity and sustainable growth for UK plc — read it.
  • Investors have a responsibility for ensuring success in the economies where we operate, say the IA — find out more.
To kick things off, why not try our quiz and find out more about the role of investors.

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