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top employers for lesbian, gay & bisexual staff

Jan Gooding chair of Stonewall and group brand director at Aviva told The CBI’s Great Business Debate:

My performance was being affected by not being myself ………..I came out to colleagues at a team event. Some were not surprised. Others applauded. And I haven’t turned back — I’ve been coming out over and over again ever since.” read her story here

Stonewall has published its Top 100 Employers 2015. Showcasing Britain’s best employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff, it is made up of organisations that have submitted themselves for this audit. In third place, Lloyds Banking Group is the highest-ranked company behind Tower Hamlets Homes and the winner Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Neil Carberry, CBI Employment Director says

A culture of openness and diversity is best for individuals and employers.

People should feel able to be themselves at work and, regardless of their background, feel confident about joining any employer.

And feedback from businesses, as well as academic evidence, suggests diverse groups of staff provide a more rigorous, challenging environment for decision making. It also helps firms to understand a diverse customer base.

The lead shown by the Index’s top employers, private and public sector, demonstrates the strong progress that is being achieved, on a voluntary basis.”

What do you think? Are employers doing enough? How much is workplace culture created and sustained by colleagues? Is the private sector sufficiently represented in Stonewall’s Top 100?

Listen to The Great Business Debate’s diversity podcast and join the debate here or on twitter @bizdebate





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