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This month the CBI’s Great Business Debate campaign celebrated its two year birthday. Over the last two years the campaign has gone from strength to strength – building a growing following for the campaign via social media and our monthly newsletter, and holding high profile debates online and live with the likes of Sky, Mumsnet, Macmillan and the TUC.

Great Business Debate Cake
Happy 2nd birthday GBD!

As the UK negotiates a new future outside of the EU, the role of business has never been more important for all of us. Business also recognises that moving the economy forward in a fairer and more inclusive way emerged as a clear message from the referendum, making the debate about the value of business increasingly relevant.

Against the background, the CBI continues apace with its work to encourage a constructive conversation about the value of business to the UK.

The country is in a different place economically and politically than at the launch of the campaign two years ago, and our intention later this year is to commission new research to re-diagnose the issue and refresh our understanding of people’s relationships with businesses today.

Over the coming months, there are several opportunities to get involved with the Great Business Debate campaign:

Campaign themes and spotlights
  • At the end of October, the Great Business Debate will be putting a spotlight on inclusive workplaces. We’ll be asking — why is building inclusive workplaces important to business? What are the benefits and what factors are critical for making inclusion a reality? Get in touch to share your opinions on this topic or showcase what your organisations are up to. »> See previous examples »>
  • In early December, the Great Business Debate will be encouraging a constructive conversation about the impact that business has on local communities. Through things like working with local schools or building local infrastructure, how is business contributing to local prosperity? Is it doing enough? Let us know if you have a case study or opinion you’d like to share. »> See previous examples »>
Profile your organisation

Of course, content is always welcome on the areas that are topical or where your organisation has a story to tell. Please get in touch to share your ideas.

To find out more about the CBI’s work on the value of business or get involved, please email holly.hardisty@cbi.org.uk

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