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What’s the money debate all about?

Business is the engine of our economy. In producing essential goods and services that are the foundation of our national wealth, business of all sectors and sizes are the backbone of the UK’s economic success.

  • Profit
  • Sustainable growth
  • Tax

And as a nation there should be no doubt that we need business more than ever. Growth and prosperity for everyone depends upon the success of business in earning money. Profit enables firms to employ more people, invest in training, pay for our pensions, as well as pay the taxes that help fund the schools, hospitals and security on which we all rely.

But there’s no doubt that the years since the global financial crisis have been challenging for business. Questions have been raised about the role that business played in bringing about the events that led to the recession and the impact that has had on all of us. The amount of profit business makes, who that goes to, and the tax it pays has also come under greater scrutiny. So, as the economy strengthens, is business paying its way and ensuring that growth will last? 

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