Changing the face of banking

As the world’s oldest professional body for bankers, the Chartered Banker Institute’s aim is to enhance and sustain high professional standards in banking, and support the development of a socially purposeful banking industry, founded on what we consider to be universal ethical and customer-focused values, attitudes and behaviours.

Prudence, professionalism and stewardship are at the heart of these, and the Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year 2016 competition showcases individuals who embody these qualities, acting as role-models to their colleagues and peers, leading by example, and flying the flag for the next generation of bankers. Bankers that our industry can be truly proud of, and bankers that our customers can have confidence and trust in. Bankers who are the future leaders of a re-established and re-vitalized banking profession.

The Young Banker of the Year competition seeks to highlight the contribution of one individual with the potential to lead positive, customer-focused change, as judged by a distinguished panel of industry figures, chaired by the Lord Mayor of London. The winner receives a prize of an overseas holiday for two, but more importantly gains industry-wide recognition as a high potential individual with a great future ahead of them. The challenge set for candidates is designed to test their capacity to generate new ideas, drive innovation and sustainable growth, and enhance confidence, trust and pride in the banking industry by submitting a business proposal on the following topic:

What idea would you implement in your own organisation to improve outcomes for some or all of the following groups: customers, colleagues, counterparties, communities and the organisation you work for?

I know from meeting many of the Institute’s 30,000 members – the majority of whom are now female — that there are many young bankers in banks, building societies and credit unions across the UK who want to play their part in shaping a positive, purposeful banking industry and have great ideas they’re keen to share if they make it to this year’s final, at Mansion House on 1st September — and perhaps go on to win Young Banker of the Year 2016.

“The Young Banker of the Year competition seeks to highlight the contribution of one individual with the potential to lead positive, customer-focused change” 

The competition is, in many cases, career changing for participants. Their ideas do get taken up and implemented and this has important benefits for the banking industry and society more generally. A great example of this was the idea presented by Emma Coulter, from Lloyds Banking Group who was a finalist in 2014; her plans aimed to improve relationships between advisers and their customers through modern technology. Emma said

Young Banker was the starting point of my idea which is now rolled out across all of Lloyds Wealth and won 2 awards at the BBA/IFS Financial Innovation Awards 2015 just a few months back.”

When it’s done well, banking does indeed serve many proper and positive social purposes: it allows individuals to save and borrow; it facilitates payments; it helps businesses to grow; it’s the very foundation of modern economic life. So, if you work in banking, want to make a positive contribution to the future of your profession and have less than 15 years banking experience then I encourage you to put your idea forward before the deadline closes on 29th April 2016 – you could be the person who changes the face of banking.

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