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2015 trust barometer shows business has more to do

Reacting to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer, published today (20.1.15), which shows trust in business among ‘informed’ members of the public at 52 % in the UK this year compared with 56% last year, CBI Director of Campaigns Andy Bagnall said:

In the last few years, business has taken steps to understand and address people’s concerns from pay and pricing to tax and the environment but there’s clearly more to do.

Businesses are driving prosperity, creating wealth, supporting jobs and serving customers while consumers and employees are increasingly, and rightly, asking more of them.

In a YouGov poll for the CBI, 55 per cent of people agreed that expectations on business to ‘do the right thing’ have risen over the last 10 years.

To build trust, the business community knows it has to go further in engaging with the conversation about its role and contribution. That’s why we’ve launched The Great Business Debate to help that happen.”

Join the debate at and on twitter @bizdebate

Also: CBI Director-General John Cridland wrote in The Times in June 2014

Industry shortcomings and scandals make the headlines, while companies going about their daily business, providing products and services which meet or exceed customers’ expectations do not. Nevertheless, businesses have a huge mountain to climb to rebuild public confidence.” See more here

People have a dramatically greater level of trust in businesses in their own area than they do in UK business as a whole. See our region-by-region YouGov poll

See how much business is trusted in your part of the UK with our interactive map.





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