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What’s The Great Business Debate Tax Spotlight All About?

The Great Business Debate is all about addressing the issues which affect public confidence in business and encouraging discussion around them.

The level of tax which a business pays is without a doubt one of the major issues which has impacted the reputation and image of business in recent years.

Sticky_box_TAX_247x150_v2The vast majority of businesses pay their way in tax and make major contributions to society, but in tough times there is a loud debate under way about how businesses manage their tax affairs and whether they are making the “right” contribution.

Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on this issue with content on our website from a range of organisations giving their views on this matter. As a business-led campaign, The Great Business Debate will also analyse the tax contribution of companies to the UK and address commonly-held myths.

See some introductory content here:

We want to encourage all sides of the conversation to come together and talk about this with the public to encourage greater understanding.

What’s your opinion? Think business pays its way, ducks its responsibilities, or somewhere in-between?

Make sure you follow @bizdebate on twitter to stay up-to-date and have your say on social media with #taxdebate.


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