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THIS WEEK, LAST WEEK: the debate’s latest highlights


Highlights of the last, and next, seven days in the CBI’s trust-in-business campaign The Great Business Debate - as we examine the culture and values of businesses and their leaders.

 1  Honesty and willingness to listen needed – law firm BDB
 2  Profits allow businesses to help communities, and more — Carillion
 3  Our sector doesn’t deserve to be so far down in public-trust surveys – Energy UK


BDB LawThomson Stuart 800X400


This Week look out for: “Any organisation has to live by its promises. This requires honesty and a willingness to listen. Not all organisations are good at that.”

So says, Dr. Stuart Thomson, of law firm BDB. Read his article this week.
Carillion-David-Picton-Portraits 800X 400-10
David Picton from services & infrastructure company Carillion also writes for The Great Business Debate this week:

Sometimes profit is wrapped up in negative connotations, but that misses the point. Businesses which are in profit are also in a great position to add real value to communities, to the environment, to their employees, to local companies and to shareholders.”

OP_Energy UK Dan Alchin_MG_4488_800x400

And hear how the energy sector is building trust. Last week Dan Alchin of trade association Energy UK said:

As an industry we have become uncomfortably used to seeing ourselves towards the bottom of surveys of public trust. While these surveys may grab headlines, they unfortunately also mask real improvements that being made.”











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