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THIS WEEK, LAST WEEK: the debate’s latest highlights


Highlights of the Great Business Debate’s last, and next, seven days as we look at consumers and how people’s experience as customers affects their wider trust in business

 1  Asda CEO Andy Clarke on customers today
 2  Satisfied customers don’t talk to us: eight20
 3  Take part in our Business Brain of Britain quiz


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Last week you may have missed Andy Clarke, Asda President and Chief Executive Officer, saying; the only certainty in retail now is change.

If we don’t respond to and anticipate our customers’ needs, then they will go elsewhere……………………………..customers want the lowest prices, week in, week out and won’t be conned by deals and vouchers that promise them money off products that are paid for by inflating prices on everyday essentials.”

Read more here 


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This week read more from Mark Oldfield, of the eight20 alliance of companies working with Thames water. He will tell us:

Ironically in our business, to provide a stellar customer experience, customers would rather not interact with us at all! But when they do have to do so, they would like to be kept informed, for us to listen to their needs, to be able to trust what we say and for us to keep to our promises.”

Look out for more here from today (9.3.15)




This week you could be Business Brain of Britain if you can answer true or false to questions such as: Are 1.4m more people employed in the private sector today than before the financial crisis?

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